Hurricane Flatbreads


Bacon & Baileys has done it again! This time, we’ve got a recipe you can use even when the power is out. These tasty flatbreads are handy for using up the contents of your fridge before they spoil due to inclement weather!

Woohoo after three days in the post #HurricaneDorian darkness our power is BACK ON! I learned a lot over the last few days and I’ve been compiling a list of tips to remember for next time. One of the biggest things I learned, which @shortpresents also confirmed on Twitter this morning, is to eat more of what’s in your fridge earlier (but let’s get real there was NO WAY I was letting my prosciutto and cheeses go bad). I made us a round of flatbreads on Sunday using @superfruitpuree as my inspiration, and what we had on hand. I made three options - plant-based, vegetarian, and carnivore - and they were so tasty I’m keeping the idea in my back pocket for easy holiday party appetizers!

Clockwise from top:

• PLANT BASED - One whole wheat naan flatbread spread with Sambal Oelek, topped with almonds, avocado, fresh thyme, and a drizzle of Superfruit PURÉe (if we had had power I would have toasted the almonds).

• VEGETARIAN - One whole wheat naan flatbread spread with Superfruit PURÉe, topped with slices of Brie, fresh peach, and a sprinkle of fresh oregano leaves from our balcony herb garden.

• CARNIVORE - Equal parts goat cheese and Superfruit PURÉe mixed together, spread on a whole wheat naan flatbread, topped with prosciutto, red onion, and fresh basil leaves.

Post-hurricane power outage food doesn’t have to be boring! Do you have any tips I can add to my growing list for next time?