We produce one-of-a-kind, high-quality,
whole-fruit purée products

Currently we make an amazing purée product from whole wild blueberries. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. It’s simply wild blueberries in a bottle!
You’ll love our SUPERFRUIT PURÉe. It is great as a beverage, topping or as an ingredient.

Check out our recipes section to learn how to use this amazing super food!

The whole berry (juice, peel, seed and pulp) is used to create this antioxidant-rich, whole-fruit purée. It’s smooth and ready to drink, so you can enjoy SUPERFRUIT PURÉe on its own or in a smoothie. It’s delicious and so good for you! It has a great taste and is high in nutrients. SUPERFRUIT PURÉe is terrific as a topping on your favourite desserts, waffles, pancakes and oatmeal. You’ll soon be using it in salads and on main courses. Pour it on! You’ll love it!

SUPERFRUIT PURÉe adds delicious flavour to any recipe. Excellent in milkshakes, or on homemade ice cream! A perfect ingredient for desserts. Great in stuffings, casseroles and main courses (the possibilities are really endless!)

Good health and good taste all in one!

Made with love in Prince Edward Island, Canada