Rose on the Coast's Blueberry Facemask

Rose on the Coast has prepared a wonderful face mask. She loves it for the healthy glow it gives her, and the antioxidants it provides her skin. The recipe is super easy, and can be made with things you have in your cupboards at home!

Honey helps to nourish and cleanse skin of bacteria. It also ads some thickness to the mask. The extra light olive oil helps to lock in precious moisture, re-hydrating your skin. Finally, our superfruit puree ads a nice dose of antioxidants to help fight signs of aging, restore damage, and give you that healthy glow.

1 tsp Superfruit Wild Blueberry Puree
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp honey

Mix all ingredients well. Put on your face for 20 minutes, wash off and enjoy your glowing skin!